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06-22-2009    R-S-E upgraded to v3.8
   We have upgraded the site again.
   You can now see the status of the link in search results, just hover your mouse over the link and you can see if the link is OK and the last time it was checked.
   Also, deleted files are now marked red in search results.
06-16-2009    Even more optimizations
   We have upgraded our link checker, so link checking should be much faster now.
06-09-2009    Upgraded and optimized
   We have upgraded our server infrastructure and optimized the search engine. Wildcards/operators are no longer supported, but you should be getting better results now and faster. During the upgrade you might have experienced slowdowns or downtimes, but all should be ok now.
02-22-2009    New cool style and new version
   We have simplified the search by hiding the options most people don't use, if you do need them, just click on Advanced.
   The Happy Hour Check has been removed due to RS not having happy hours lately, we will put the check in RSE Tools when/if RS brings back the happy hours.
   We've also made a new style for the site, Dark Paper Fixed. Check it out, specially if you like the dark. I think it's nice.