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12-12-2009    R-S-E upgraded to v4.1
   If you select multiple rapidshare links on the search results, a total size of all selected links will be calculated and shown in a tip.
10-16-2009    Site redesigned
   We have totally redesigned the site, no more styles, but it's a much cleaner site now, which means a better search experience for everyone.
   Let us know what you think, click here.
09-05-2009    R-S-E upgraded to v3.9
   You should be getting more accurate results now and faster.
06-27-2009    RSE Tools 0.27
   New version of RSE Tools is available for download here.
   You can now search IMDB for selected terms. Maybe not much reladed to rapidshare, but I think the function might be quite usable to some, it is to me.