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03-26-2010    New feature
   We have put a 'Find source' button next to the links.
   This will find the sources of the file in case you need additional info about the file (password?) and the original source is not listed or doesn't work anymore.
03-18-2010    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.29
   * Fixed issues with Firefox 3.6
01-07-2010    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.28
   * Get RS Links now shows results in a new tab
   * Changed the search queries (some overhead removed) to reflect changes on the main site
   Get it here.
12-23-2009    Happy Christ... etc. MUST READ!
   Greetings fellow internauts!
   In the holy presence of the bluish snow upon us and our snowman down below,
   we hereby certify that, to all of you, users and abusers alike, we wish very happy holidays,
   that includes, but is not limited to, Christmas 1.0-STABLE and a New Year 2010 beta2!
   May your alpha's turn to beta's and your beer be colder than the snow! Rock on!
   Here's a candy from us
   Enjoy it!