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02-15-2011    Now showing all links
   We have added the option to show links from all hosts, not just rapidshare.
   However, we still recommend trying ShareDir as it has more options and is more optimized.
01-18-2011    SD Tools released!
   We have, finally, released SD Tools firefox addon! This is an upgrade to our R-S-E Tools addon. It supports all hosts, not just rapidshare!
   It's available here.
10-28-2010    New site!
   Big news,
   We have launched a new site called Share Directory (sharedir.com), similar to this one, but this one searches many popular hosts, not just rapidshare.com and includes some more advanced options.
   Check it out here
   R-S-E Admin
10-20-2010    RSE Tools upgraded
   RSE Tools have been upgraded to v0.31:
   * fixed 404 error on checking links
   * fixed some other minor bugs
   * 'Check RS links' now shows file size too