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03-17-2008    The importance of 'report' button
   Just a quick tip. Please use (but not abuse) the 'Report' button (on database results) to report broken, misleading, mislabeled or inappropriate links. Our database is growing by more than 10,000 links daily so it's impossible for us to control everything.
   By reporting you're not only helping us with maintenance but you're also helping on improving the quality of results.
   Thank you.
03-17-2008    Site upgraded to v2.81
   Fixed NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE problem in Firefox when reporting bad links.
03-12-2008    Site upgraded to v2.8
   The database search works now for words of 3 chars too (previous minimum was 4 chars).
   Beware though, when you include a word of 3 chars all results MUST contain that word, ie. a search for 'ati radeon drivers' will return results matching 'ati radeon drivers', 'ati radeon' and 'ati drivers', but NOT 'radeon drivers' or 'radeon' or 'drivers'.
   My recommendation is not to use short words unless necessary (ie. 'top gun').
   NOTE: Words of 2 chars and 1 char are still ignored in database search! (This might change in future if we find a good reason to do so)
03-11-2008    News prior to 03-11-2008
   'Cached' link added to web search results. You can try this if the source site is unavailable or you can't find rapidshare links there (forums, restricted pages, ...).
   The 'report' button will now report all links of the group if the link reported is a partial link.
   Database results are now listed 40 per page (20 previously).
   Database results now list 'Tags' also.
   Site online (May, 2007)