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04-20-2008    Rapidshare-Search-Engine F.A.Q.
   There is a new article in our Tips & Tricks section. R-S-E F.A.Q., the only FAQ you'll ever need... yes, indeed. Please read it.
04-15-2008    Site upgraded to v2.84
   Fixed bug where certain search queries didn't work (z.ResultSet.Result[i].Cache has no properties error). This bug was introduced with a recent change in Cached links.
   Flood protection implemented, hammering the site with requests will get you banned.
04-06-2008    Site upgraded to v2.83
   Small change in database results. They are now grouped by keywords (tags) also, not only by source site (as it was previously).
04-05-2008    Site upgraded to v2.82
   'Cached' links on web search have been changed, in most cases now they will go to yahoo cache instead of google (if cache doesn't work, try it again in few seconds).
   Added size (in kilobytes) of pages on the web search.