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05-11-2008    RSE Tools available!
   We have released a free firefox plugin called RSE Tools. FAQ has been updated so look there for more info, or just go directly to mozilla to check it out (screenshots available).
   Since the plugin is not officialy public, Mozilla requires registration before you can download the plugin, sorry about that, but we need reviews before it can go public. Please write a review if you like the plugin, or not
05-02-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v2.87
   • Passwords can now be specified when adding files to database.
   • Passwords, if specified, will be highlighted on database results.
04-27-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v2.86
   Get RS Links function has been improved. Sometimes it returned duplicate links (by duplicate we mean the file number on RS, not the whole url string), this has been fixed.
04-23-2008    Site upgraded to v2.85
   •  Top keywords better tracked
   •  Icons added to site sections
   •  Latest news displayed on the home page