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06-06-2008    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.21
   A recent change on rapidshare.com caused the link checker to stop working,
   this has been fixed in this version.
05-27-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v2.92
   So far, tags were not shown on dbase search if they were not explicitly defined. That has been changed now.
05-19-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v2.91
   We have improved our database search. You should be getting more relevant results now. Words of 3 chars are now treated as other words - they do NOT have to be in the result, but if they are the result will be ranked higher. Also, if you specify more words of 3 chars, only the first two will be used, the rest will be ignored. Why this limit? Because of the significant impact on performance.
   You will get best results if you use at least one word that is longer than 3 chars.
05-16-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v2.89
   • Fixed some bugs in database search
   • Link checker now shows file size too
   • We have started tracking file sizes for rapidshare.com links in database,
   also we have started a process to get file sizes for old links, removing dead links on the fly. File size won't be shown for old links until the process is complete.