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10-17-2008    Database fixed
   We had some problems with the database after the account was moved to the new server, therefor some queries were returning partial or no results.
   The database has been fully restored now so there shouldn't be any more problems on that part. Also, we hope there will be no more downtimes from now on.
10-15-2008    Downtime
   Our site has been down for most of the time past 2 days due to our hosting company moving us to another server.
   Occassional downtime might still occur during the next 24 hours. After that there shouldn't be any more problems.
   We are sorry for the inconvenience.
10-11-2008    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.24
   - code altered to avoid possible conflicts with other addons
   - fixed bugs on checking selected links
   Get the new version here.
10-02-2008    Alternate styles
   Maybe you didn't know this, but you can change the style of the site in Firefox, just go to View->Page Style and select the style you want to use.
   I'm not such a big artist, so if anyone wants to make some cool style, I would gladly include it in the site.