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11-29-2008    Search plugin updated
   There was a bug in the search plugin which, in certain cases, caused it to return 'Nothing found' even if there were results available. This has been fixed now.
   Also you can now choose wether to install the 'web search' plugin or 'db search' plugin. You can safely install both if you like.
11-28-2008    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.26
   - Fixed the same thing with search, also fixed the previous fix, it had a bug
   New version is here.
11-27-2008    RSE Tools upgraded to v0.25
   - Get RS Links didn't work with long urls, this has been fixed.
   New version is available here.
11-24-2008    R-S-E upgraded to v3.03
   Ajax web search had some bugs, fixed.
   Also, we have upgraded our server. Everything should work faster now.