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Rapid-Search-Engine.com F.A.Q.

Difference between searching 'the web' and 'our database' ?

'Web search' will search entire web for rapidshare files and will give links to external sites containing the links to rapidshare files. From here you can go to the external site, or click 'Get RS links' to only get rapidshare links from that site, additionaly you can check these links to see if they're still available.
If you search 'our database' you will get direct links to rapidshare files and a link to a source site containing these rapidshare links,
if you find the files encrypted it would be useful to visit the source site and look for the password.

What is a 'Get RS links' button ?

Get RS links If you click this link, our site will crawl the page and return the rapidshare links found on that page.
From here you can test these links using our Link Checker or simply download the files.

What is the 'RS Link Checker' ?

You can test rapidshare links here to check if they're not deleted from rapidshare servers.
Simply paste the links here in whatever format (html, plain text) and click 'Check links' to test them.

What is a 'Cached' link ?

Cached When you use 'web search' you will get links to external sites. Sometimes the external site might be down, or it might be protected (or require registration, like most forums) so you won't see the rapidshare links on that site, in this case you can try clicking the 'Cached' link to see the cached version of the site.

Sometimes when I click on the results I don't see any rapidshare links ?

Try clicking the 'Cached' link. Read previous question for more info.

What is a 'search plugin' ?

Search plugin It's our OpenSearch Search Engine Plugin for your web browser supported by Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.
If you install it, you can use our search engine to search for rapidshare files without visiting our site first.
It's completely harmless and can be removed easily, read more on OpenSearch here.

What are 'RSE Tools' ?

That's our firefox plugin (extension) which provides tools for working with rapidshare files, accessible through right click.
What can you do with RSE Tools ?
  • Get rapidshare links from a page you're browsing
  • Check selected links on the page
  • Search rapidshare files for the selected terms (using R-S-E)
Regardless of the option you are using, the links will be presented in a way so you can easily use them with download managers.
We would also like to know what you think about this plugin and hear any suggestions for improvements if you have any.
More info (incl. screenshots) is available here. Also, if at any time you feel like writing reviews, feel free to write a review for our plugin on that page :) Thanks.

Are 'RSE Tools' available for other browsers ?

RSE Tools plugin has been tested on firefox, but it might work in other browsers based on mozilla core. No IE support, sorry.

What is the 'use ajax' option ?

Using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in this case simply means dynamic page update.
Usually, when you click 'Search' the whole page is replaced with another page from server,
if you check this option and click 'Search', only the body of the page will be updated with search results, no whole page reload.

How can I download from rapidshare more easily ?

Well, get a premium account and then read our tutorial titled Downloading multiple files using FlashGet & rapidshare premium.

Will I get spam if I subscribe for updates ?

No, never. All emails are stored securely on our server and, as stated in our privacy policy, you'll get only what you've subscribed for.
And we don't even send these updates regularly :) Check below

How often are these emails sent ?

Well, right now approx. every week we check for updates on subscribed keywords and if there are new results for the keywords you've subscribed for, you'll get the notification on your email. The check interval might change, but still, you only get emailed if there ARE any updates since the last check.

I have downloaded something from rapidshare, but it's password protected, what's the password ?

Visit the Source site, usually the password is there.

I'm having trouble downloading rapidshare files, can you help ?

Contact the support at the main rapidshare site.

I want to advertise on this site, is it possible ?

Use the contact form and let us know.

I have found a bug, I have suggestions, I have comments, or I just have more questions, what to do ?

Use the contact form and let us know.